The answer to your front-page headline of Nov. 16: ” ‘Tell us … that we have a place in America’ “:

The short answer is “yes, of course.” Let’s take it step by step.

First of all: Stand up and be proud. You have done a very heroic thing. You have left home for the unknown on a promise for a better life. And you have it. You are now in the United States, and no loud-mouth bigot can change that. We have laws that prevent oppression.

Get a copy of the Constitution, if you don’t already have one. Sit down and take the time to read it, word for word.

If there are passages you don’t understand, ask your local mayor or city councilor or a friend. Or, better yet, get a copy of “A Kids’ Guide to America’s Bill of Rights.” It is in paperback and costs less than $10.

Knowledge is power. You’ll sleep better once you know the rules. They are the same rules for everyone from the president on down.

Barbara Lee Chertok