Re: “What now?” (Maine Sunday Telegram, Page S1, Nov. 27):

A top suggestion about what to do for sustainability now that Donald Trump has been elected president would be to join Citizens Climate Lobby. It is the one national group that is organized to prompt action where it is needed most – in Congress.

It has three chapters in Maine, one here in Portland, which is meeting at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Portland Food Co-op, 290 Congress St.

All our individual and local actions to reduce our use of fossil fuels will be trumped if Congress continues to subsidize greenhouse gas producers. Citizens Climate Lobby has a solution all parties can support – a fee on all carbon pollution produced in this country, with the revenues returned to all American households.

CCL is nonpartisan, and its proposal originated with a Republican – George Shultz, President Reagan’s secretary of state.

Two months ago, I had not heard of CCL. Yet two weeks ago, I was one of four Mainers who met with our four members of Congress or their staffers to discuss carbon-fee-and-dividend.


On that same day, other CCL volunteers were meeting with more than 300 other members of Congress to sound them out on this win-win proposal. It would grow our low-carbon economy, produce millions of new jobs, and be fair to everyone.

Our conversations were more encouraging than you might imagine.

To learn how you can participate in this critical effort, come to Saturday’s meeting or check out

Peter Monro


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