Every human being deserves basic care, to be treated with respect and dignity. Care should not be based only on ability to pay. Investing in our people enables them to stay in the workforce and care for their families.

As a new administration looks at dismantling the Affordable Care Act, I ask that they/we take time to consider many aspects of need and ways to meet them, including a single-payer system and universal access.

Many would be dropped from insurance rolls by repealing without first presenting an alternative that would continue current benefits, like allowing children age 26 and under on parents’ insurance and no refusal for pre-existing conditions. Eliminating subsidies would hurt low- and moderate-income families who can’t afford insurance costs.

Harmful effects would be felt immediately. People being treated for cancer could have to discontinue treatment. Many who need insulin because of diabetes could not afford this medicine without insurance help.

The uninsured would again wait until they are too sick to possibly recover and land in emergency rooms, with hospitals absorbing the cost.

Addiction treatment and support is needed to stay in recovery. Preventive care and follow-up treatment save money in the end.

Sister Jackie Moreau



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