This is in response to the letter to the editor by Ronald G. Thurston, published Dec. 20, in which he bemoans the “endless carping about the election.”

As many are aware, as a direct result of this election, our great democracy is threatened with dangers never seen quite like this in America before. It, therefore, behooves each of us concerned adults to speak out forcefully, to be fearless and well-informed, to challenge the blatant bullying and right-wing fervor of this elected narcissist, dedicated to expansion of his wealth and the destruction of our democratic liberties.

The list is long, and need not be here repeated. But adults do worry, that is our responsible role, whereas it is children who are permitted to live safe from adult concerns.

Each of us must be fearless in addressing the concerns for our safety, our civil liberties, our pursuit of justice, our attention to the well-being of others. Silencing is a fascist technique, and speaking to our neighbors is never more needed than now.

Anne Vaughan and Niles Schore


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