Cold air arrived after a few evening downpours last night and this morning it feels more like winter and a lot less like spring.  Today will be a dry day with no precipitation and just a few clouds late in the afternoon around sunset.  In addition to a colder day it will be somewhat windy, giving the air a bit of a bite as you walk to the office or head outside for an afternoon walk.

A weak storm system that will never get very big will pass south of Maine  early Friday.  If you are traveling to southern New England tomorrow be aware of some snow around Boston in the morning, but only an inch or so.

Here in Maine the dry weather continues through the weekend and into early next week.  It will be cold, but just the kind of temperatures you would expect in Maine in January – nothing unusual at all.

Cold Air Remains In Place This Weekend

Cold Air Remains In Place This Weekend

There will be another ocean storm making a pass by our area on Saturday, but the bulk of it will never have any impact here. There could be a some passing clouds Saturday night – not something this meteorologist is really going to get to excited about.

The remainder of the weekend will be dry and cold, with temperatures averaging on the cold side of typical for January.  However, this won’t be a prolonged Arctic blast.  By Tuesday a new weather system will bring back a milder southerly flow with temperatures near freezing. By the middle of next week we may see some rain and temperatures above average, reaching close to or even exceeding 40.

After the pre-New Year’s snowstorm, it appears the snow machine is taking a rest for a while.

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