Growing up in Portland, I used to be so jealous when a snowstorm would reach Boston and just barely graze Maine. I would see pictures in the newspaper a day later of a foot of snow in that city while I was headed off to Portland High, school not canceled.

Since it’s a weekend, school wouldn’t be canceled even in a big storm, but our Saturday snow event is definitely a southern New England storm. In parts of Massachusetts over 18 inches of snow might fall.

Here in greater Portland, we will be brushed by this system. I expect 2-5 inches of snow to fall; perhaps 3 or 4 is a good number to think about at the Jetport.

Areas along the coast will need to get out the plows this evening.

Areas along the coast will need to get out the plows this evening.

In southern York County the snow will be heavier, with up to 6 inches in a few spots. Farther inland and farthest from the storm, the snow will be lighter and in the mountains it may never snow at all. If it does, it won’t really accumulate.

Winter Weather Advisories Due To Snow Are Posted Along The Coast Of Maine

Winter weather advisories due to snow are posted along the coast of Maine.

It’s quite cold, so any snow will be very light and easy to push away, even with something like a broom.

The snow ends this evening, between 9 and midnight, and by tomorrow morning it’s back to sunshine and a continued cold pattern. Temperatures will be in the single digits Sunday morning and only reach the teens in the afternoon.

A cold day Monday is followed by a warming trend — lets call it a January thaw. Temperatures will reach above freezing for the middle of the upcoming week.

I will update the forecast on Twitter @growingwisdom. Please follow me there.

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