Pingree’s Choice

Rep. Pingree said that she will boycott the Inauguration “out of respect to people who felt they were insulted” during the recent campaign. Interesting. Are we to believe she would have boycotted the hypothetical Inauguration of Hillary Clinton even though she called millions of Americans who supported her opponent as “deplorable?” Well, of course she would have attended.

As unpleasant a thought as this is, Congresswomen Pingree represents me, thousands of other Mainers and vets, and she is expected to attend appropriate functions. The peaceful transition of power in the U.S. certainly qualifies as such an event.

Pingree’s decision to boycott the inauguration is blatantly unpatriotic and partisan. Her deliberate actions sullies the reputation of thousands of patriotic Mainers who, apparently, did not factor into Rep. Pingree’s decision.

America’s democracy, with all its flaws, is the standard for the world. It is to be cherished and valued, not to be treated with such public disdain. How could our Congresswoman be so callous?

What other sorts of national disrespect do we have to look forward to, Rep. Pingree?

Ethan Jones,


A Thank-You to Obama

I expected President Obama’s “farewell speech” to be great, but it was more: It gave me the courage to face the next four years with less of a feeling of despair. For everything, I thank him from the bottom of my heart!

I am 89 years old, and an immigrant. I came to the USA in 1946, having previously lived in Germany, Czechoslovakia and England. It is only by great luck and some help that my immediate family and I were spared from being caught in the Holocaust after Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Nazis in 1939. It has been my privilege to have been a citizen of the United States while Obama was my president.

He has always striven for the good of the people. His accomplishments and triumphs have been my sources of satisfaction. His disappointments have been my disappointments. I have admired his manner, his thoughtfulness and his grace under uncommon and undeserved attack and obstruction. I have admired the inner and outer beauty of his wife, and her aims and accomplishments. She has been like a breath of fresh air among First Ladies. I have watched their daughters grow up and I wish them happy and constructive lives. I’m convinced that Obama will go down in history as one of America’s great presidents.

Barack and Michelle Obama still have long lives ahead of them, and I am sure that they will continue to spend them in the interests of justice and opportunity for all. I offer to both my best wishes, gratitude, and feeling of affection.

Frank Heymann,