The president wants someone to head the Environmental Protection Agency who has a clear record of opposing the agency and of denying climate change. Maybe this is because of criticism that the EPA makes regulations stifling business.

In Maine, tourism is big business – because we have lots of clean air, water, open land and other environmental goods. As I write, though, it feels more like March than January – which could be attributed to a normal January thaw if there wasn’t clear evidence that winters are getting shorter and warmer. How good is this long-term trend for Maine’s winter businesses?

Some people see an upside to climate change because it’s melting Arctic sea ice. They say Maine businesses will thrive through expanded shipping. But since the ice-turned-to-water has to go somewhere, what happens when our ports flood? And when rising costs of storm cleanup wreak havoc on our economy, what then?

Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, please remember responsibilities implied in “Dirigo.” Maine needs you to lead the opposition to Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA.

Elizabeth Parsons

member, Maine Episcopal Network for Justice


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