I don’t understand how people get this religious freedom thing so wrong.

We all want religious freedom. America is great because we have been willing to fight and to die not only to preserve our own religious freedom, but that our friends and neighbors preserve theirs.

The single thing that a free and tolerant society cannot tolerate is intolerance. It is only by defending the religious freedom of those with whom we disagree that we earn our own religious freedom. The moment we use our own religious freedom as an excuse to deny someone else’s freedom, we have crossed the line into intolerance and religious oppression.

I am willing to fight and to die for your right to practice your religion so long as your religion is not intolerant of others. Whenever we see that oppression is the outcome, we must reject the argument of religious freedom, else we all lose our freedom.

Oppression is the outcome of Our Donald’s proposed executive order “Establishing a Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom.” Because it will condone the denial of services to people with conflicting beliefs, it is the exercise of religious oppression, not of religious freedom. Let’s keep America great by loudly and vigorously condemning it.

Oppression trumps freedom. They do not co-exist. I’m standing up for freedom.

Daniel Mingle

South Paris

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