Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck should be praised for the excellent job he does, and his officers should be given full support.

Instead, the first thing your paper did on its front page was impugn an officer who recently had to shoot a man on St. John Street who was brandishing a gun around people. This may well have led to some of the public, including Mayor Ethan Strimling, to demand the immediate use of body cameras, plans for which seem already underway.

In this time of multiple brutal killings of U.S. police, we should support the men and women who keep us safe, not criticize them. And Mr. Strimling should work with, not against, the chief. I have always been of the opinion that all lives, not just black lives, matter – including those of our police!

I am aware that saying this now makes me a target, as though I am expressing prejudice. You could not be more wrong! I believe (God) cares about all of us without labeling by color. I shall continue to do the same!

Jeanne Stephens


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