A Windham man who claims to have seen the face of Jesus in his toast is now auctioning the bread on eBay.

The minimum bid is $25,000, according the listing.

“It was an answer to a lot of questions I had,” George Maley told WCSH6 TV. “Even if it was just a brief image, it’s still a sign, and it points in the right direction.”

The image comforted Maley when he was missing loved ones who have passed away, according to the WCSH6 TV report. The toast had been prepared with butter and cinnamon, and it is now being preserved in Maley’s freezer.

The Ebay listing lists the toast in “new condition” and includes three pictures. As of 1:20 p.m. Thursday, no bids or questions had been submitted. Six days remain in the bidding.

The WCSH6 TV report stated Maley intended to sell the toast and use the money to benefit his two sons.

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