In her Feb. 26 column, Cynthia Dill writes: “Losers too often waste time rehashing lost battles.” She then proceeds to do just that, taking aim at her favorite target, “Bernie Bros,” who are, she opines, responsible for Hillary Clinton’s defeat last November.

If Dill were ever able to take an honest look at the 2016 election, she would recognize that the Democrats nominated a profoundly unpopular candidate, with an unfavorable rating as high as 60 percent in some polls.

Clinton was perceived as a highly scripted, conventional politician and Washington insider in the year of the outsider; a nominee who carried significant baggage (the emails, the constantly “evolving” positions on issues, the paid speeches to Goldman Sachs that she refused to release); someone who ran a bad campaign – rejecting, according to insiders, advice from Bill Clinton, the consummate campaigner, to focus on white working-class voters in crucial states, simply deciding to cede them to the Republican Party. There were, as well, the outrageous last-minute FBI statements about her emails, which she was never able to overcome.

In the face of all this, Dill’s belief that a small group of Sanders supporters was “largely responsible for the election of Trump” is risible. She richly deserves The Kellyanne Conway Award of the Week for Alternative Facts.

Ellen D. Murphy