Though I nearly always agree with Bill Nemitz’s views and have high regard for him as a journalist and human being, I must take strong exception to his Feb. 12 defense of Susan Collins’ recent actions in the Senate.

Collins’ vote for and strong approval of the racist homophobe Jeff Sessions should have been reason enough for Nemitz to curtail his positive column on her recent behavior in the Senate. She called Sessions “a principled man;” but anyone who’s taken time to read of his comments and behavior over the years knows how false this is.

I wrote to Collins urging her to vote against Sessions’ nomination and again when she voted to stop Sen. Elizabeth Warren from exercising her First Amendment rights on the floor of the Senate. Both times, I said that Collins’ actions were disgusting and shameful. I’m sorry to say I feel the same about Nemitz’s defense of this so-called moderate Republican.

Barbara Doughty


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