I am concerned about the plan by congressional Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood.

My daughter was the recipient of Planned Parenthood services back in 1978. She was 16 years old and an A student. She had planned to go to college following graduation.

Her pregnancy put her in a position to look at her options, and she sought counseling through Planned Parenthood to help her with her decision. We, her parents, struggled with our own feelings about how we thought she should deal with this life-altering event.

The counseling she received helped her look at all her options. She and the father of her baby wanted to get married and be parents to their child. All of us knew it would not be an easy course to follow, but we agreed that we would support her as much as possible if she decided to have our grandchild.

While our daughter was still on our health insurance, her prenatal care was covered, but once she was married she had no coverage. We paid for the delivery and hospital bill, but for the next several years she received all of her health care through Planned Parenthood. She was able to finish high school and go on to earn a certification as a medical assistant. Today, she and her husband have a successful, taxpaying business.

I have every reason to feel strongly about supporting Planned Parenthood and the job it does in providing health coverage for any and all women who walk through their door, regardless of their ability to pay. Planned Parenthood is the best program for all women who cannot afford private health care, and we urge our Congress to continue to fund this program.

Joanne Andersen