U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, stated March 12 (in a tweet paying tribute to anti-Islam nationalist Dutch politician Geert Wilders) that “our civilization” can’t be restored “with somebody else’s babies.” The statement reeks of white supremacism. He then reaffirmed his beliefs on national television.

The response by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the speaker of the House and one of the most powerful people in America, was tepid: Ryan “would like to think he (King) misspoke.”

The implications are clear: White supremacists and the terrorism they spread is on the rise. White supremacists have representation in the U.S. Congress and influence national policy. White supremacism is not a distant concern.

We must not let ourselves be lulled into thinking we are safe from persecution here in Maine. You are not safe. Your family and friends are not safe from Rep. Steve King and his followers.

I call on the voices of Maine – Gov. Paul LePage, Sen. Angus King, Sen. Susan Collins, Rep. Bruce Poliquin and Rep. Chellie Pingree – to publicly denounce Rep. Steve King.

Our elected officials must speak up now and show that we, Mainers and Americans, will not accept white supremacism or racism in any form. There are no party lines here. A single document signed by our statespeople would clearly demonstrate that Rep. Steve King and his white supremacism are not the way life should be.

Never forget the horrors of the past.

Raviv Ramdial



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