Kudos to professor Franklin Brooks for his timely commentary resisting the planned cutbacks in case management and community integration services for those deemed mentally ill (“Maine Voices: We need to support the most vulnerable people in our state – those with mental illness,” March 7).

Let’s face it: With today’s many pressures and demands, an increasing number of Americans are struggling to cope each day. Yet their very real needs – in some cases, the sort Mr. Brooks champions – are often just dismissed.

But surely the Maine Department of Health and Human Services can find monies to maintain these vital services. As the great Russian writer Dostoyevsky put it, “You can judge a society by how it treats its prisoners.” And we might add, the mentally ill. Having lost a stepson to depression, may I suggest that all mental difficulties deserve compassion and care?

Let’s call Gov. LePage at 207-287-3531 and encourage him to lead on this issue.

R. Jay Allain