I am writing to express my frustration with Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King for voting “yes” on House Joint Resolution 69, which will now allow the use of cruel and egregious killing methods on federal public lands in Alaska. Using airplanes to scout grizzly bears, and killing wolf pups and their families in their dens – these are not legitimate wildlife control practices. They’re extermination methods – nothing more.

What’s more, this was a Congressional Review Act resolution, which means that if President Trump signs it, the administration will be unable to ever issue a rule on this topic, leaving the power to prohibit these outrageous methods solely in the hands of Congress – rather than the agency designated to protect wildlife.

These are federal public lands. We, as taxpayers, own them. It’s not for the Alaska Board of Game to trample over federal management imperatives just so trophy hunters can have an easier kill. I am outraged and appalled by Sens. Collins’ and King’s vote.

Gina Garey