You know what would be really nice? If all of the American people – and that includes the politicians as well as the rest of us – all got together and stopped playing some kind of football game over health care. Stop calling it “Obamacare” or “Trumpcare” or the “Democratic plan” or the “Republican plan” – just take what we have and fix the damned thing!

Now we have the Democrats gloating over the failure of the Republican plan and the Republicans, or at least President Trump, saying he will wait for “Obamacare” to fail. Meanwhile, they have fantastic health care for life and are playing games with ours.

How about they just give us the same health care plan they have? How much you want to bet they don’t call their plan “Republican” or “Democratic”? It’s just good coverage, and that’s what we deserve, too!

I’m not going to hold my breath, and I know that writing these letters is a waste of time, but really, people need to stop just wanting the other side to lose so badly that they win the battle but lose the war. I doubt very seriously that, if everyone pulled together, giving Americans a good, solid health care plan would be all that tough.

Peyton Higgison


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