This letter is in response to Cynthia Dill’s commentary and, on the opposite page, the defense of Planned Parenthood by Diana Lovejoy, in the March 26 Maine Sunday Telegram.

I have never met anyone who is against women’s health care. Those who oppose tax funding for Planned Parenthood are heartbroken by the 43 million deaths of the innocent unborn here in the Land of the Free.

Ms. Dill describes those people as “so-called ‘pro-life’ religious folks hell-bent on taking away life-saving medical care.” Ms. Dill should know that the unborn baby’s heart begins to beat at 18 days; they begin to feel pain at eight weeks and by 13.5 weeks, babies have pain sensation at all levels of their nervous system and they can feel themselves being aborted. I do not want to be a part of that. Nor do I support the death penalty, by the way. Other than self-defense, I have no right to take anyone’s life.

Planned Parenthood says, and Ms. Lovejoy repeats, that it does not use taxpayer funding for abortions. Does that matter? Planned Parenthood provides one-fourth of the abortions in the United States and has likely performed 80,000 abortions so far this year (

Twelve percent of their clients receive abortions. That is more than one of 10 women using their services.

If Planned Parenthood only provided abortions in actual “life-saving” situations, taxpayer funding would not be an issue.