A health care solution is possible if there is an affordable option for everyone.

One of the historical challenges with out-of-control health care costs in America is the perceived guarantee of health care through hospitals and emergency rooms, no matter what.

A 10-year mind-shift from “no matter what” to “knowing what matters” is a good place to start. Real benefits and costs begin with education. For example, auto insurance is affordable because stakeholders respect basic “rules of the road” with basic driving habits taught through our school years. Like the privilege of driving, the American health care system could be made more affordable if we taught the basic “rules of well-being” and its associated costs through our schools.

With auto insurance, we purchase a basic policy that looks out for our basic interest, the interest of the insurance company and the third party/”other guy.”

This compulsory auto policy offers affordability, spreads risks … and is inclusive, effective and profitable for insurance companies. Optional comprehensive insurance is available at higher cost.

Sustainable health care begins with a mind-shift toward education. Across the span of our lifetime, we are all stakeholders in the American health care system.

At birth, some element of health care welcomes us into this world, and through health care, most of us are escorted out. I believe a solution is within reach of this Congress.

John and Mary Freeman