There is currently a vacancy on the Woolwich Planning Board. The position was vacated by longtime board member Allen Greene, who was recently voted in as town selectman. Two alternative planning board members — James Gaborin and Thomas Stoner — will fill in as needed, though Woolwich Town Administrator Lynette Eastman said that one of them might eventually take the open position permanently.

“If one of them would like to be a regular member on the planning board we would love to have them,” said Eastman.

If one of the alternative planning board members becomes a permanent member, Woolwich would then be looking to replace the alternate member, Eastman said.

The Woolwich Planning Board is an independent body that is responsible for the review of land division in town as well as other development proposals.

Eastman asked Woolwich residents to look at the Citizen Committee list on the town’s website if they are interested in joining the planning board.

“Please do give some thought to serving your town in some capacity,” said Eastman. “It can be very rewarding.”

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