I want to reach out to all those who stopped to help on the afternoon of April 2, in Arundel on River Road, when my husband and I accidentally drove into a deep snowbank on the side of the road.

I have to marvel at the way every driver stopped, getting on their cellphones and coming over to see if we were OK.

Amazingly, as we crawled, unhurt, out of the driver’s window, people offered help in every way. One man even shoveled around the wheels, but we were in deep, at least 4 feet. He would not take any money offered.

Then three kind people (and their dog) from the Lower Village stopped by, took me home and left my husband to deal with the tow truck. I did not get their names, but thank you, neighbors: You were the port in the storm.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether kindness prevails, this is proof positive.

Elizabeth Bodner Cumiskey