I hear that the push is on again in Washington to get the House to pass a health care bill this week before members go on another recess. The latest version of the bill hasn’t been reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office to assess costs or identify how many people would lose coverage, nor has it been made available to House members as of Wednesday.

I was told earlier by Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s staff that he wouldn’t vote for any bill that didn’t include coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is supposition now that that determination would go to the individual states, which would be given a larger role in the design of health care services, and we know how that would go in Maine.

I urge Rep. Poliquin, who is one of two U.S. representatives for our state, to publicly oppose any hasty decision on this matter until it is very clear what choices are being proposed and what they would mean for health care in Maine.

Judy Kline

South Portland