I am appalled by the left-wing media coverage of President Trump.

Syria is incinerating 50 of President Bashar Assad’s opponents each day – like a death camp – and the left-wing media choose to drone on about a little classified information that the president declassified and shared with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador.

Did they tell us that the president has the absolute right to declassify any classified information, or that our national security adviser and secretary of state said the information-sharing was appropriate and no big deal, or that President Trump was trying to get Russian help to stop the genocide, fight the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) and protect civilian flights? Our financial markets have not dropped. Perhaps investors are watching Fox News.

Some thought Hillary Clinton lost for lack of a message. Now our political left has no message, other than “Fight Trump” and “Defend the failing Obamacare.” They are also helping our enemies – ISIS, Assad, Iran and North Korea – by fighting the one person defending our interests abroad.

Does the left want to see more terrorist attacks, more genocide, airliners coming down, a nuclear Iran, a North Korean missile fired at Hawaii? If voters give left-wingers another defeat in next year’s elections, perhaps they will finally get the message.

Allan Neff

South Portland