“Nips” liquor bottles are a blight on the roadside and should have a deposit attached to their sale. But doing so will cost businesses money. And Gov. LePage wants to take them off the shelf to teach someone a lesson.

What seems to be lost in this whole debate is what makes nips so popular and profitable: You can drink one in one gulp and throw the bottle out the car window. Now you don’t have an open container in the car like you would with a can of beer or a bottle of liquor or wine.

Maybe LePage has it right, just for the wrong reasons. Maybe they should be taken off the shelf. Their sole purpose is to make it easier to circumvent the law. No one in their right mind would buy nips if they were going to drink at home. Are we so morally corrupt that we have to make money selling lottery tickets to poor people and nips to drunken drivers?

Kurt Woltersdorf