Independent Sen. Angus King has won the support and endorsement of the Georgetown Democratic Committee. Surely there are many Democrats who would proudly serve Maine in the United States Senate, but King has shown himself to be a man who truly represents most Mainers.

In these precarious times, he remains thoughtful and calm, working always to set aside the extreme rhetoric and divisive voices that assault our legislators.

He listens carefully to Mainers, colleagues and experts and after great reflection develops rational policies that bring us toward sound actions.

While we don’t always agree with him, he has always taken principled stands, whether it be to arm the Syrian rebels, oppose the Keystone pipeline, support background checks on guns, fight for veterans’ rights or recognize the impact of climate change on our environment.

He believes in solar and wind power and knows we must honor our commitments in the Paris Climate Conference. He is an advocate of choice and will help develop workable health insurance for all Mainers.

John “Jay” Holt

chair, Georgetown Democratic Committee


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