Cynthia Dill’s May 28 column, “In praise of a bowl of cereal,” was a rose-colored look at what America used to be.

She laments the fact that boxed cereal sales are way down and then blames it on millennials and their healthy smoothies. It seems everything is their fault these days.

Then she oddly compares the freakishly colored cereal to President Trump’s budget and hopes that this will begin a new trend in wilder, brighter colors.

What’s not to like, after all? The artificial colors and preservatives, linked to cancer and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or the corn syrup-laden flakes that can cause childhood obesity and diabetes? What about the GMO cornflakes that were created to be grown and sprayed heavily with glyphosate (RoundUp)? Studies show this cancer-causing chemical also can contribute to birth defects and dozens of diseases, including autism and Alzheimer’s.

In March, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of clorpyrifos, an organophosphate, for food use. It is an endocrine disrupter with the ability to kill nerves that control muscles and other bodily systems. Sounds yummy, right?

Dill’s idea of “Cereal Supper” is just a signal to your kids that they can eat sugary food all alone, because Mom is too busy to bother. How about a healthy, premade salad or making your own sandwiches instead?

Cereal is great! Buy some organic oatmeal, cook it up or make granola for the week.

Use organic raw milk from the farmstand. Avoid homogenized milk, as the fat is broken up and can’t be digested properly, which leads to fat in the arteries.

Let’s not feed the giant food corporations and chemical companies with our hard-earned money. Buy local, buy organic.

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