After reading Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s statement on the Trump administration’s budget, it’s clear that Rep. Poliquin recognizes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s positive influence on Mainers.

The upshot is that the congressman is concerned about the administration cutting off at the knees the EPA programs that protect drinking water, protect children from lead poisoning, help communities monitor beach pollution and protect our estuaries, which serve as major nurseries for Maine’s fishing industry.

He also understands the important role that Maine Sea Grant plays as an arm of a science agency providing incredibly important services to many sectors in Maine, including the growing aquaculture industry.

I have an oyster farm in Maine, and these issues are important to my future. Many of the same issues that Rep. Poliquin raised in his statement are also areas that the Natural Resources Council of Maine identified as concerns in their recent report “Damaging Maine: The Impacts of Proposed Cuts to the EPA Budget.”

Rep. Poliquin deserves credit, and I hope he continues to highlight and support common-sense conservation and environmental initiatives and regulations.

Amanda Moeser