I know that every town and city will be experiencing an increase in their municipal budget. Here in Gray, we also will see an increase in the proposed town budget. I realize that there will always be an increase in the insurance, but there are other items that do not need to be increased or updated all at once.

One of the biggest increases in the Gray budget is due to a new 100-foot ladder truck for the fire department. We have a great Fire and Rescue Department in our town. We also have some money in the capital reserve fund that can go toward the firetruck.

However, I don’t believe the taxpayers can shoulder a $500,000 increase to fund the other half of the truck’s cost at this time. If I want a big-ticket item for my house, I save until I have enough for that item, or at least cut corners elsewhere to get the money.

We will also be voting for a 3 percent increase in the school budget. That makes close to a 16 percent increase in total that would be seen on this year’s property tax. Next year, we will be facing a property tax revaluation.

Over the next few years, a lot of people will be scrambling to hold on to their houses and businesses if the town continues to increase taxes. Please vote “no” Tuesday on the increase in the town budget.

Mary Keith