I am shocked by the Maine Democratic leadership’s lack of understanding per the shipwrecked Connecticut economy. Acute understanding would cause them to rapidly join Republicans in passing legislation to stop the increase of income tax, resulting in Maine’s top rate of 10.15 percent.

I lead a health care management business in Connecticut that supports hundreds of physicians. I experience first-hand the detrimental effects of political decisions on the business as well as my personal livelihood.

Over the last five years, 27,400 Connecticut residents have moved to tax-free Florida, according to a June 2 Wall Street Journal editorial. The motivation for their departure was Connecticut’s income tax increase from 5 to 6.99 percent on incomes above $500,000. Maine Democrats are pushing an increase to 10.15 percent on incomes above $200,000!

Connecticut income tax receipts are declining for both individual and corporate taxpayers. General Electric has moved its headquarters out of Connecticut. And the insurance company Aetna Inc. recently announced that it will leave Hartford after 153 years there.

Maine does not need foolishness for tax policy but rather sound economics. Connecticut’s demise is not an example for Maine to follow.

David Printy