Re: Roger Carpentter’s June 9 letter to the editor, “Surcharge burden not as big as it looks” (Page A6):

Mr. Carpentter states that tax deductions will help ease the 3 percent surcharge burden, but he is wrong. The 2016 Maine budget eliminated income tax deductions of all types, beginning the phase-out at $70,000 for single filers and $140,000 for married couples filing jointly.

This affects many Mainers. For example: A pharmacist and a school teacher are hardly the idle rich, but their combined income certainly would be over the $140,000 threshold.

As far as people leaving Maine, two colleagues of mine have left, moving to New Hampshire and taking their tax dollars with them.

Maine is at full employment, and we still can’t find a way to move from being one of the highest-taxed states in the nation.

Lee Tabenken


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