While technically a majority, 51 percent, were in favor of the staggered voting referendum, it is not a resounding excitement, as you make it appear.

Your June 8 editorial (“Our View: Ranked-choice voters should not be forgotten“) uses mostly demagoguery in hyping the referendum as a rout. But what is glaringly absent from the editorial is the reason why the concept is virtually equally not accepted is that we don’t want second choice: We want who we want, or no one. Most sports fans won’t watch the playoffs if their team doesn’t get in; at least less inspired to do so if they do watch an alternate match.

The Portland Press Herald does a disservice to readers by leaving out or masking that ranked-choice voting installs the same either-gruel-or-porridge party and gerrymandering’s answer to Paul LePage and Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Press Herald’s endorsement of the “fix” gladly accepts corporate advertisement money. But ranked-choice voting is a double-edged sword.

William Capistran