Every one of us will suffer a health crisis at some point in our lives. How we handle this truth says a lot about us as a nation.

Last Friday, a group of faith leaders from many religious backgrounds held a rally across from Sen. Susan Collins’ Portland office to lift up the moral issues at stake. All, whether Christian or Jewish, Catholic or Protestant, spoke eloquently about how they felt God’s call to care for our children, to help the needy and to tend to the sick and frail. No one, on the other hand, quoted any Scripture that demanded a tax cut for the rich.

Although I’m not a minister, as Quakers we have a long tradition of speaking truth to power, and we were glad to join our voices in the rally. We all went up to Sen. Collins’ office to present her with a petition asking her to vote “no” on the Senate health care bill that has finally come out of the cave and into the light of day.

Health care is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It’s too essential for that.

Becky Steele


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