The latest attempt by the U.S. Congress to construct and agree on a health care bill is another example of misdirected goals, political expediency and ignorance concerning our health system.

It is particularly shameful that the newly proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act will make health care less available to the poorest and most disadvantaged of us. In addition, it is quite certain that deductibles and premiums will increase and that nothing will be done to stem the increasing cost of medical care.

Disease distribution is not determined by political persuasion, race or wealth. It is an equal opportunity event. Likewise, the cost of disease treatment is not dependent on these factors. The occurrence of a disease or serious injury in our country is, therefore, unique in comparison to many unrelated tragedies that can befall us and, therefore, requires unusual management.

We must find a medical care system that will allow high-quality care that is accessible and affordable for every one of us. As a physician, I am convinced that doing this is possible.

Up to this point we have lacked the leadership and the courage to make this happen. Listen closely over the next week. Try to identify those in Washington who seem to care only about their political futures and the preservation of wealth. Try even harder to note those leaders who are speaking in favor of affordable, accessible medical care for all.

Then, and most importantly, go to the polls in November and vote for leaders in whom you can believe.

David Scotton, M.D.

Cape Elizabeth

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