I believe that Gov. LePage has sunk to yet another new low. The majority of voters twice did not want him elected. He received no mandate.

He says that he’s looking out for Maine taxpayers, but he is not representing me, our state employees or the poor or our immigrant neighbors, all of whom are Maine taxpayers. He is not honoring the wishes of the majority of voters who approved the 3 percent education surcharge on high earners.

His vow to stick to a 10-day delay in reviewing proposed budgets was sheer mean-spiritedness. It did not indicate a willingness to negotiate.

As opposed to being open for business, Maine is closed for business. The governor has given this state another black eye.

His behavior is not leadership. It is obstinacy. And it is not about the state of Maine. It’s about Paul LePage. And that is making it very tough on the good men and women who were elected to represent their Maine constituencies.

Alison Barker