This Mainer is so, so proud of our Republican senator, who’s been courageous and moral enough to say “no” to the Republican plan to emasculate health care for so many children and elderly and disabled Americans.

Susan Collins fell short only when she went on the Sunday talk shows and discussed Vice President Mike Pence. He lied about the impending devastating impacts of her colleagues’ plan, and with deepest respect, I believe that Sen. Collins must call this blatant intentional misinformation for what it is! We need this gifted lady to call out any peer who misrepresents legislation essential to every American – apparently, no one else will.

Besides several of her senatorial peers, our country also now has President Trump, Vice President Pence, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price and House Speaker Paul Ryan all abandoning compassion, veracity and morality. None of these “little men” can talk of his faith, since no religion directs us to abandon those in need.

Constitutional separation of church and state does not have legal standing in heaven, so I say this to senators and members of Congress: Consult your hearts and consciences before creating a health care hell in America!

Jim Storer


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