I am among the many Mainers looking forward to the benefits of ranked-choice voting for primary and federal elections in 2018. Our representatives in Augusta should move now to amend the Maine Constitution to ensure the legality of ranked-choice voting for general elections for governor, Maine House and Maine Senate.

Did you know that our state constitution has been amended 173 times since 1834? This past session, our representatives could have amended it for the 174th time to implement ranked-choice voting, respecting the law passed by voters in November. But they did not. They gridlocked on the issue.

Now is the time to act and address the concerns for three of the 10 elections the law covers.

With crowded fields for governor expected in both the Democratic and Republican primaries next year, ranked-choice voting will be a timely reform facilitating a more positive, issues-based campaign season.

Laura Withers


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