He walked to the mound, casually dressed in shorts, surrounded by two of his three children, and a niece. The familiar calls of “Yooook” could be heard among the applause at Hadlock Field.

Kevin Youkilis was back in Portland.

“Such an amazing summer vibe here. It’s such a cool town,” Youkilis said earlier Tuesday, standing in front of the Sea Dogs’ dugout, before throwing out the first pitch.

Youkilis, 38, played third base for the Sea Dogs in 2003. It was the first year of Portland’s affiliation with the Red Sox and Youkilis was the first big Boston prospect at Hadlock – from what was then a thin minor league system.

Youkilis was known for his on-base percentage – he already had the infamous nickname “Greek God of Walks” from A’s General Manager Billy Beane. In 94 games with Portland, he batted .327 with a .487 on-base percentage (86 walks and only 40 strikeouts).

In 2004, Youkilis was called up to Boston and made the postseason roster, celebrating a World Series title. By 2006, he was the regular first baseman and in 2007 collected his second World Series ring.


Youkilis was in Boston this past weekend to join his 2007 teammates, commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the title.

“Funny how that team does not get talked about as much as 2004 or 2013, but it was a really talented team,” Youkilis said.

Of course, the 2004 team broke an 86-year title drought, and the 2013 title team was known for rallying a city after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Youkilis wasn’t part of the 2013 team, having been traded to the White Sox in 2012 during the turbulent reign of Manager Bobby Valentine.

Youkilis signed with the Yankees in 2013 but played only 28 games because of back problems. The year wasn’t a complete washout – he was the first Red Sox-affiliated player inducted into the Sea Dogs Hall of Fame.

In 2014, Youkilis went to Japan, but again poor health shortened his season and he retired.


But it’s not like Youkilis is idle. He took a job with his old general manager, Theo Epstein, working as a consultant for the Chicago Cubs. He spends most of spring training with the team and visits the minor league affiliates.

“Work with the hitters; just a guy players can talk to,” he said. “If I see something, I can voice it … Try to give them some knowledge, like other players before me did. A lot of stuff I learned along the way was from players.”

And last October, Youkilis had another World Series to enjoy.

“I got spoiled rotten again with another ring,” he said. “I’ve been very fortunate to see some World Series championships … and a few Super Bowls.”

Youkilis became more connected with New England in 2012 when he married Julie Brady, sister of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“As a family, we have eight (championships), Youkilis said. “And we’re looking to add to that.”


Youkilis recently enjoyed another victory at the California State Fair. He opened a brew pub last year – Loma Brewing Company – in his home city of Los Gatos, about 11 miles southeast of San Jose. At this year’s fair, Loma was named the California Commercial Beer Brewery of the Year.

“A huge award,” Youkilis said, the pride obvious in his voice. “I just picked the right brew master.”

But Youkilis is actively involved in the pub, usually there Monday through Friday through lunch.

“We have a lot of fans from across the country come and visit,” he said.

For the next few days, Youkilis will be on a different kind of scouting trip.

“I’m actually excited to try some of the beers here in Maine over the next couple of days,” he said. “Talk to people in management. Pick their brains …


“It’s like hitting – talk to a bunch of hitters. Take a little bit here, a little bit there.”

Does he miss being in the dugout?

“No, not at all,” Youkilis said. “The grind of a major league season … I’m a family man. I love being around my kids.

“If I could hit BP now and then. Other than that, I’m good.”

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