While running an errand in Portland from Biddeford, I ran into the unfortunate accident on the turnpike Aug. 4 involving an RV and a tractor-trailer, just north of Saco.

As one might imagine, traffic was literally stopped in the northbound lanes, even though the accident occurred in the southbound lanes. Numerous police vehicles were parked in tandem near the accident, which one would expect given the severity of the crash.

Once I had finished my errand in Portland, I decided to return to Biddeford via Route 1 to avoid the delays in the southbound lanes of Interstate 95. Because of the accident, Route 1 southbound was overwhelmed with traffic trying to escape the turnpike gridlock. During my one-hour return trip south, I did not see a single police vehicle, even though traffic was backed up for miles on Route 1.

I understand the need for immediate response to an accident by local and state police. However, it would seem reasonable to assume that a contingency plan would also dictate local police being available to assist at traffic lights and intersections during emergency traffic flow on roads affected by a serious nearby crash. This was not the case, as drivers were left to fend for themselves in very dangerous conditions without any assistance from local responders.

Mike Hoctor


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