In a time when many people feel they can have little or no impact on government at the federal level, it is time for citizens to focus on those areas where their voices and ballots have the most impact: in local elections. 

My education is in government and public administration. I have served nonprofit organizations for decades, including two years of service to my neighborhood association in another city. The vibrancy of neighborhood communities is of particular importance to me.

I recently had coffee with one of my neighbors, Marpheen Chann, to discuss how we might revive the civic association for Riverton, and I shared some of my other ideas for how Portland could benefit from organizing its neighborhoods. Marpheen listened actively to my ideas, and I felt like I had found a kindred spirit – someone who cares about community as I do, and wants to take action.

At the end of our visit, Marpheen informed me that he is running to represent District 5 on the Portland City Council. I was thrilled to hear this.

Marpheen is intelligent, articulate and passionate about the city of Portland and its people. His campaign slogan is “A Portland for Everyone.”

I believe that sums up a great philosophy as succinctly as it can be expressed. This is the kind of new blood every level of government needs at this time. I strongly encourage every voter in District 5 to support Marpheen Chann for Portland City Council.

Lawrence Jackson Rosen