I am fascinated by the latest left-wing political correctness theory that suggests we can eliminate racism by destroying everything with any connection to the Confederate States of America. Supposedly, tearing down beautifully crafted works of art located in public parks throughout the South will eliminate prejudice and discrimination in Northern cities like Detroit. Spitting on images of Lee and Jackson, neither of whom approved of slavery, will somehow teach our children to be tolerant and respectful of those with whom we disagree? Sure.

Let me suggest a more appropriate target for the hatred and vitriol of the left. The writings of one author, Charles Darwin, were gaining popularity and influence in roughly the same time period of the Civil War. In his book “The Descent of Man,” Darwin taught that Negroes were inferior to whites because they were less highly evolved. So if we want to eliminate racism, wouldn’t it make more sense to ban the writings, theories and pictures of Charles Darwin from public view and discourse?

As for me and my house, we will continue to teach, as Lee and Jackson did, that blacks and whites alike are created in the image of God, having equal dignity as human beings in His eyes.

Roger Sproul