A group of friends was traveling on a dirt road in Kokadjo over the weekend when a run-in with a pair of Lynx stopped them in their tracks. Kokadjo, near Baxter State Park, is known for its wildlife and limited human residents (the town’s population sign says simply “not many”).

Sarah Verney said in a Facebook post a pair of friends – Peter and Tammy Mullen – ran into the unusual sight. The two cats seemed to have a little standoff before one of them backed away. The travelers got it on video. Peter Mullen said in an email it was actually the second time the two cats had a standoff in the middle of the road. Mullen and his wife then drove on to meet Verney at an Appalachian Mountain Club lodge.

The lynx is a federally threatened species, but Maine has the only breeding population in the country, according to the state. The state is home to about 1,000 adult lynx.

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