Every Friday, a group of evangelical Christians gather in front of the Planned Parenthood in Portland to protest. Today, I, a 21-year old female, with no history or connection to the organization, decided to engage with some of these protestors. What I tried to communicate was this: an alternative reading on the perceived sinfulness of the pro-choice argument.

As a student, I have taken several classes on Christianity, the Bible and evangelicalism. What I have come to understand is that evangelical Christian rhetoric praises God for being all-loving, all-forgiving, and proud of His creations. Such a God, I presume is proud of human intelligence. Chosen from other animals, humans have come to dominate the environment He gave to us and, in many ways, made it better and more habitable. Wouldn’t, then, He be proud of any science that has allowed us to better the lives of His creations? Wouldn’t then He be proud that we have developed a society in which people can make decisions for themselves and exercise their God-given rights? Wouldn’t He then be disappointed to know that some of His followers preach for these rights to be taken away?

Supporters of pro-choice are simply protecting the rights of God’s children. Whether or not one believes that their ultimate choice is sinful, one should allow them to exercise their right to choose, for God wanted us all to be granted that liberty. No one is pro-death. No one wants to see innocents killed. Indeed, an abortion can be a tragic procedure. However, it can also be one that allows one to live their own life and one that can heal wounds.

Protestors, I understand that as an evangelical it is your duty to protect people and bring them to Christ, but shouldn’t you consider that you cannot save everyone, and that, perhaps, you should be thanking organizations like Planned Parenthood for providing services which generally ensure the safety and health of His creations?

Caroline Herriman

Cape Elizabeth