Last night as I walked past a gas station, I dreaded the next time I need to buy gas.

Prices in Maine and around the country are rising as a result of the shutdown of oil refineries in Texas. Maine gas prices rose by 32 cents last week, a 13 percent increase over the week before.

The increase in gas prices shows that we cannot continue to be dependent on oil. We need better energy for our cars and houses.

The government has proposed slashing the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent. This would remove research funding for renewable energy. Without continued research on other forms of fuel, we are subject to the increases and decreases of oil prices. This uncertainty in the price of energy is not necessary.

This is why President Trump should maintain the EPA budget at current levels and increase research on renewable energy. If we want clean, reliable energy, our senators must support the EPA and future research on renewable energy sources.

Jacqueline Guyol