A recent Portland Press Herald story, “National marijuana consultants pitch their services to Maine” (Sept. 14), provides a misleading account of our response to the state of Maine’s Request for Information. From the story, it would appear that BOTEC’s submission was a criticism of the work of Andrew Freedman and Lewis Koski, as the officials in charge of implementing cannabis regulation in Colorado.

The entire BOTEC team has nothing but respect for Freedman and Koski, who are among the leading experts in the field; they didn’t design the law they skillfully worked to implement in Colorado, any more than BOTEC designed the law in Washington state.

We hope Maine and other newly legalizing states will take advantage of the lessons to be learned by studying the pioneering efforts in Washington and Colorado: both the successes to be imitated and the problems to be avoided.

Brad Rowe

CEO, BOTEC Analysis

Los Angeles