Richard F. Lieke Jr. was born in New York City on April 8, 1925, to Frances and Richard F. Lieke Sr. and had two sisters, Viola and Joan. In 1950, he married Evelyn B. Hallett of New Brunswick, Canada and they remained together for 67 years. He passed away on September 1, 2017, at the age of 92.

Richard served in WWII as a surgical medic in Germany in General Patton’s army. He attended Cornell University, the Universities of Maine and New Hampshire where he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, BS in Education, and MS in Chemistry. He began his professional career as a chiropractor in New York City, then moved to Maine where he taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at various high schools. He retired from Brunswick High School where he taught Chemistry for 34 years.

Richard was very active in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Brunswick, Maine, where he served as Assistant Minister, President of the church counsel, and sang for 42 years in the church choir. When he moved to San Diego, he joined the First United Methodist Church of San Diego and sang in the chancel choir for 16 years. He loved music and was always singing tunes from his youth and the music he learned in the choirs.

One of Richard’s favorite hobbies was gardening. Each summer he grew fresh vegetables for his family and neighbors, and donated up to a ton of vegetables to the Brunswick Food Kitchen at the end of each growing season. He received a Certificate of Thanks from the town of Brunswick when he retired from gardening in 2005 and moved to San Diego, CA.

Upon moving to San Diego, he discovered he had a talent for making beautiful greeting cards and beaded jewelry which he gave to friends and family. He donated to various organizations throughout San Diego: La Jolla Public Library, SD Police Department, Hospitals, Charities, and School Proms.

Richard is survived by his wife, Evelyn, and two daughters, Ayesha and Rae, who reside in San Diego. He is also survived by his cousin, Doris Gettler of Long Island, New York, and many beloved nieces and nephews.

Richard will be remembered for his love of life, his joy in everyday activities, and his never-failing sense of humor that brightened the lives of all those around him.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Brunswick, ME.