The people are as unbalanced as President Trump, perhaps more so, when they urge and cheer the resignations of the president’s appointed advisers and Cabinet secretaries.

What we need in the administration are the very best and most capable people possible. By urging his appointees to leave, all we are doing is inviting Mr. Trump to bring in a crowd of sycophants whose primary skill will be to say “Yes, Mr. Trump.”

The Democrats’ strategy of blocking the administration’s proposals and generating rage toward the president has a major flaw, as experienced by the Republicans: It got us President Trump!

There is no question that President Trump lacks many of the characteristics that we look for in our legislative leaders. His ascension to the White House, however, is our fault, as neither party, Republicans nor Democrats, were able to present a candidate with a message that resonated with the electorate. (By and large, many of the ballots marked for one candidate were “No!” votes against the other candidate.)

But that only means that we need more adults in the White House to provide the guidance necessary to steer the country, not an empty building where a schoolyard bully runs free.

Michael Smith