I am a 75-year-old widow who lives in Rockland. I am an ardent supporter of President Trump, which in Maine is a hard thing to be because Maine is a liberal state; plus so many people hate President Trump, which I believe is irrational.

I support President Trump and our country by hanging banners on the gate entrance across my driveway and flying two flags on my porch.

The city of Rockland is trying to make me remove my banners and flags, but I am not going to remove them. So I guess I will be in the fight of my life.

I want to ask: “What has happened to freedom of speech in this country?” My banners and flags are on my property and I have a right to have them on my property.

I also believe that I am being discriminated against by the city of Rockland because I support President Trump and our country.

It is a sad situation in this country right now.

Susan Reitman