Movies. Hollywood. Actors. Actresses. The cinematic mindset. 

I find it intriguing how our interpretations and understanding of the form of art can evolve. For instance, a younger child may not be able to comprehend the true meaning behind a movie, whereas a person in their twenties may have a more developed brain to interpret the meaning.

There is also the possibility that the perspective of that same person in their twenties will differ than that of a person ain their sixties. 

Take the classic yet beloved Cinderella for instance. Though there are variations on the storyline, this film is commonly known throughout the entire world.

Many children enjoy this movie for the fantasy of Cinderella becoming a princess and finding her true love. However, the original version created by the Brother’s Grimm is more dark and twisted.

In the original storyline, it is said that Cinderella’s evil stepsisters cut off parts of their feet so they would be able to fit inside the glass slipper. The prince soon discovers the sister’s failed trial to fit inside the shoe when their blood is found inside, leaving Cinderella as the rightful owner of the glass heel. In the end, the stepsisters have their eyes pecked out by birds in the attempt to win the favor of Cinderella at her wedding with the prince. 

Not only is it terrifying to believe that the sisters will go so far as to cut off their toes and heels for a chance with the prince, but also how karma is not in their favor when they get their eyes pecked out by the birds. That is is both gruesome and enough to give a child nightmares! 

It is amazing how this story is perceived to be beautiful and full of glee, when in fact it is slightly shady. I wonder how children will feel if they learn the true sequence of events inside the story.

After all, their perspective will be completely changed as they begin to understand the reasoning with maturity. Thus, bringing me back to the original point of how interesting it is that our perspectives can change as we continue to develop. 

I find it to be a common trend that our perspectives change through maturity when we watch a romance-based film. 

Speaking freely, I certainly hope that a young child won’t understand the more intimate parts of a romance movie. 

When I was younger, I recall believing it was just a “kissing scene” after uncovering my eyes. As a more matured lady, I now know that the parts of those romance movies were not just “kissing scenes.” 

Pure innocence, maturity, and knowledge expanding. That is the difference between a child’s mindset versus the brain of a young adult. Perhaps, even the mindset of an elderly person.

The evolution of the mind is both extraordinary and odd part of being human.

My question is, when does innocence change into maturity?

Is it in middle school, high school, or college? 

Perhaps, none of these options fit.

That is up for you to decide and remember from your own personal experiences. 

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