Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of a celebrity?

Would it be “Glamourous” as Fergie likes to call it, or a life that is not all it’s cracked up to be, as described through lyrics in David Bowie’s “Fame.” 

Perhaps, having fame is nothing more than an annoyance factor in which some people want nothing to do with, or got born into. 

One thing that intrigues me about an individual rising to fame is the fact that they are an ordinary human just like any other, except for the fact that a lot more people know of them. It is about being the ultimate leader and who will take the time to follow your passion. Luck is a considerable factor in this event of rising to power. 

However, I feel sorry for certain aspects in the life of a celebrity. For instance, one of these aspects is simply that they don’t have very much privacy, considering many people and tabloids follow their daily actions.

Another aspect of the celebrity life in which I find not all wonderful is that sometimes people have the ability to forget that these people are just ordinary humans with talent, and when the possibility of crossing paths has commenced, their fan may grow a bit too awestruck, making them come across different than usual.

I too, have had my fair share of googly eye moments toward a star, so I can understand how it is hard for some people to not be awestruck by a celeb’s presence. 

One thing that baffles me about this topic is how an individual can rise to stardom. There are individuals who rise above others based on their talented ability to entertain, and then there are some who I find to be the center of tabloids, yet they don’t do anything worth having people’s attention. 

Not to mention how often of times, these “so called trendsetters” leave many obsessed with their daily actions, yet half the time they aren’t doing very admirable things.

Let us also take into consideration, that not all of the stars act like this. There are also individuals who use their fortune for making a meaningful impact of inspiration to their followers, by means of spreading confidence.

Personally, I believe that these celebs are the best represented people within the A-List community. That is, those who take the time to put their talents to use of helping others and being a role model to society. 

With that, it seems as if there are different interpretations of having fame. One doesn’t have to be a big movie star or model living in Los Angeles to be famous. One can simply be a celebrity within their own town or someone who makes a difference within a community. 

To me, if we focus on the aspect that fame isn’t all luxury and absolute talent in the art of entertainment, we will soon realize that a celebrity can existence within all of us if our ability to lead and gain followers is used correctly. 

This luxury can be used for the greater good of society and have the potential to create legends to look upon for the rest of our lives. 

That is, if this fortune is used correctly. 

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